Basketball Court Dimensions and Measurements Diagram

BasketBall Court Diagram: To know the history of the origin of basketball one is required to go back to that rainy stormy day in the city of Massachusetts in United States. It is on this day they lead to the invention and birth of today’s basketball. It was the year 1891 when a school sports physical trainer of the YMCA or Young Men’s Christian Association could not let his students play outside due to heavy rains. He engaged himself in thinking what type of physical activity he can engage the kids within indoors. Hence, this was the first steps when he created certain rules and chalked out the game which at a much later day became what we today know as our basketball. So get Basketball Court Size in Feet and Meters here only.

People of all age groups play the game of basketball in today’s world whether be in closed doors or out. It is a very popular and recognized sport globally. In various countries like Argentina, France, China, Italy and many more basketball has become the most popular sport played.Basketball-Cout-Measurement-Diagram

The court is the most crucial element in basketball. It is on this court the competition is held. Usually made from maple wood it has a rectangular polished surface with tiles at all ends. In many schools and high schools basketball is a part of the sports curriculum.

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Everything you need to Know About Basketball Court Dimensions

Here are some common frequent questions one must know about basketball court dimensions:

There occurs a major difference in between a high school and a basketball court of a college. It is the length which is mainly different. The basketball courts in a college are 94’ in length whereas the courts in high schools are 84’. One can even find smaller basketball court dimensions of 74’ in some junior schools. The high school courts also do not have the arc restriction under the place where the basket is hanged.

  • What changes has been made by the NCAA in the restricted arc and three-point line area?

NCAA or the National Collegiate Athletic Association in the present year 2015 has passed some rules which show an expansion of the restricted arc area to be four feet. Previously it was three feet. It has also been decided to shift the female candidate’s three point line to the twenty feet of men’s. This was done to ensure that both sports candidate be at the same equal distance from the main hoop.


  • What does restricted arc mean exactly?

In sports term, it signifies if any candidate of the defense team is within the restricted arc, then the opponent team cannot charge or make a foul of any offensive nature.

It is 15 feet.

  • The basketball hoop is of what size?

The basketball hoop is exactly 18 inches.

  • The three point shot is located how far?

Basketball court dimensions of high schools the three point shot is located at a distance of 19’9” starting from the centre of the basketball hoop to the line.  This distance is 20’9” for college basketball courts. In other professional courts this distance can vary. However, the maximum it can go is till 23’9”.

  • Explain what is the distance of the half-court shot?

Popularly considered to be at 47 feet it is however not so. It is 43 feet.

All across the world and in US basketball is a widely renowned and well accepted sport. Children and students along with their studies are encouraged and trained regularly to be one day world class basketball players.

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