Baseball Field Dimensions [50-70] Diagram

Baseball Field Diagram: A baseball field is also known as the ball field or a baseball diamond, the field upon which the game of baseball is played. The term is also used as a antonym for a baseball park. The much of action is held at the starting point or the home plate which is a five sided slab of whitened rubber, 17 inches square with two of its corners being removed so that one of the edges is 17 inches long, the two adjacent sides being 8 and a half inches and the remaining two sides being 2 inches which are set an angle to make a point.

The batter’s box is just adjacent to this. The point of the home plate where the 12 inches sides meet at the right angles is at the corner of the ninety feet square. The other corners of the square which are three in number are in counter clockwise pattern from the home plate and are known as the first base, second case and the third base respectively.  There are three canvas bags which are 15 inches square which mark the three bases. These three bags along with the home plate form the four bases at the corners of the infield.Baseball Field Dimensions

The first base is the first of the bases that must be touched by a player from the team which is batting in order to get a run. The second base is the second of the fur stations of a baseball diamond which must be touched in succession by a base runner in order to score a run for that team. The batter box is the place where the batter stands whilst getting ready to receive a pitch from the pitcher. Four poles, if present, help the umpire judge whether a fly ball hit above the line of fence is a foul or a home run.

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Some insights into Baseball field dimensions and specs

The baseball diamond: the infield is a ninety foot square and the outfield is the space between the two foul poles or lines.

  • Homebase

It is a 17*17 inch plate that is seated at the center of a 26 foot diameter, making up the home plate area. It is from here that the players must cover a 90 foot sprint to each consecutive base. Starting from the home plate, the foul lines must be extended to at least 325 feet to a pole marker.

  • The Bases

The bases must be 90 feet apart which are 15 inches square and surrounding them are 13 foot arcs.

  • The Batter’s Box

This is a set size box at a specified distance from the home plate which is 4 feet * 6 feet in size and is at a distance of 6 inches from the home plate.

  • The Umpire Box

The professional dimension of the umpire’s box is 43 inches by 8 feet.

  • The Pitcher’s Mound

The pitcher’s mound is a 24 inch by 6 inch pitching rubber which lies at the center of every baseball field. This mound has a diameter of 18 feet and must be 10 and a half inches above the height of the home plate. The home plate lies at a distance of 60 feet and 6 inches away.

Baseball Field Dimensions

However the game of baseball is really very interesting and is quite popular in the western world, especially America. The game has many viewers and people just love watching this sport. This game is enjoyed with friends and family. The game includes thorough concentrations and quick movement of the body with great eye sight. It is a real fun to be a baseball sport or a player.

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