Badminton Court & Net Dimensions, Size and Measurements

Badminton Court Size: Our all time favorite sports Badminton is widely played by people all over the world. It has huge followers and can be played by anyone and everyone due to its simplicity and ease of actions. Learning it is not rocket science and is a popular game played in almost all families. It is often played as recreational activities by novice as well as by professionals. The game can either be played with two players opposing each other also popularly termed as singles. It can also be played by a pair of players facing another pair of players which we term as doubles.

This exciting game is also played over a rectangular shaped court area either indoors or outdoors and this court is divided with the help of a net. Points are scored with the help of a racquet and a shuttlecock making sure the shuttlecock is passed on top of the net to the opponent’s area. The main objective of the players of each side is to throw and land the shuttlecock on half of the court of the opponent player. So below you can get dimensions of badminton Court in Feet and MetersBadmintion-Court-Dimensions

During 1800 at the time of British Indian era badminton was first envisaged for the military officials of the British who lived here in India.  Photographs from such historical times give us ample evidences of Englishmen and women playing with a racquet and a shuttlecock. This game has great resemblance to a game called Hanetsuki originated in Japan. Previously termed as ball badminton, previously the game was played with woolen balls. Retiring officers when they went back to England further set rules and made the game official. So If you want to Know Size of Badminton Court below are the details.

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For singles and doubles Badminton Court Dimensions here is a brief overview:

  • Single Player

For a badminton game where one person challenges another person, the width of the court is measured at 5.18 meters and the length at 13.4 metres.

  • Double Players

Badminton Court Dimensions of a game of double players is usually measured at a width of 6.1 meters and a length of 13.4 meters.

Generally, the net in a badminton court is always positioned in the middle of the court.  Tied by poles on both sides of the court it makes sure that the net is hung at a height of 5 feet from the ground. In regions near the pole the net is located at a height higher than 1 inch than the centre.

Some more features and facts about Badminton Court Dimensions are outlined below:

  • About the long service line

For single playing badminton games, the long service line is located at the extreme back of the court on either side. From the back of the boundary area it is marked to be at 2.6 inches.

  • About the short service line

For both singles and doubles game of badminton, the short service line is at 15.5 inches from the back of the boundary area.

  • Net line

The net is located in such a manner that it runs through the middle of the court from one side to another.

  • Centre line

Centre line is the line which divides the court from the line of short service to the extreme back of the boundary line. It can also be said to be the line which makes a mark in between the service area on the right side with the service section.

Some other Badminton Court Dimensions

For singles the side line is marked at 1.5 feet distance from the outer side of the boundary on both sides of the court. And Badminton Net Height For doubles badminton game the long service line is marked at 2.5 feet distance.

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